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VTEvents is an Australian based software company specialising in workforce management solutions. We aim to help event management and HR professionals save time, reduce resourcing costs and increase revenue. In one central place, you can manage event bookings, staff rostering, shift planning, asset tracking, timesheets, staff communication, reporting, and more! Our solution is designed for event management teams and events staff, and is widely used by medical and security staff and volunteers at events around Australia. It is also popular for managing meetings, training, community outreach, labour hire and replacement staff bookings.

Our founder comes from the event industry and started VTEvents to solve the problems faced in managing large scale events with complicated staffing requirements. We’ve been around for 17 years and pride ourselves on being highly adaptable, always evolving to suit our clients needs.

Check out plans and pricing, and see how our workforce management software could work for your events staffing needs.


Empowering your event volunteers with the tools and information they need to do the job they love.

Empowering your Volunteers

Easy access to upcoming events, shifts and jobs, and quick access to indicate particular events they’d like to be rostered to.


Timesheet and wages, allowances and reimbursements processing direct into your accounting system

Staff payroll & expenses

Self service capabilities for your events staff to confirm hours worked, expenses and receipts they may have incurred at events they attend.


Add client bookings, find staff, distribute maps and event details, collate post event info and more.

We work for you

We work with you to implement robust solutions to challenges you might face with your events, staffing, resourcing, reporting and more.

Assets & Resources

Manage and track anything from keys through to trucks and warehouses.

Assign, track, manage

Track resources at events, long term allocations to staff, as well as short term assignments to people for maintenance and other purposes.

Product features

  • Self-service facilities for your events staff and volunteers
  • Recruitment area – applicants apply on the system, creating a central place for recruitment information, notes and other related information
  • Reimbursements, allowances, timesheets and payroll capabilities
  • Hours tracking and reporting
  • Client portal for major clients – allows clients to create and review their bookings
  • Mobile and tablet friendly – manage your events from anywhere right from your phone
  • Tracking & auditing changes

Why choose us

  • Built specifically for the events industry
  • We understand volunteer and event management best practices
  • Customised solutions to suit your event management needs
  • Highly flexible so as you grow, we grow with you
  • Automated communication and proactive event staffing solutions
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Self service facilities for your events staff and volunteers

What our clients say

“I’m glad I decided to work with VTevents. Your software has made our business even more successful. The site is always up to date and you manage requests for change with ease. I never have any problems at all. It’s almost like having another member of our rostering and planning team right here with me. I just choose the staff member or event, make the entry or change and click save. It’s so simple. Thanks, VTEvents!”

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