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We recognise recruitment can be a time and resource intensive task, which is why there’s a “join now” form in the VTEvents staff & volunteer recruitment system so new staff members and volunteers can submit their information to you, as well as recruitment facilities available in the system to manage staff & volunteer recruits as they’re going through your application process.

Staff & Volunteer Recruitment Application Form

The online application form can be customised and lets applicants include their;

This information is saved directly into the VTEvents system and ready for you to start using straight-away, and allows you to make notes and save additional details as each person progresses through your recruitment/application process.

Templates for email notifications for application acceptance / rejections are included, as well as a few other tools designed to speed up the application process and keep you on top of it all.

Surplus, archived and rejected volunteer & staff applicants are saved for later reference if your requirements change at a later date.

To get started, all you need to do is include a link to the ‘Join now’ form on your website or Facebook page for prospective applicants to use.


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