The volunteers & staff management facilities incorporated into the system allow easy access to the right information at the right time, whether it be obtaining contact numbers for staff at an event, finding out which events a volunteer has attended in the past, or even obtaining emergency contact details for a particular person within your organisation.

Persons details for a volunteer, contact and address information, summary of hours worked

Personal details for staff and volunteers shows contact information, hours worked, emergency contact details and more.

Graph of hours worked by type, along with a break-down below

Hours worked graph the types of events staff and volunteers attend, along with a breakdown of each below.

A few other areas we might have missed…

Some of the things which you might find useful

  • Easy to manage volunteer information
  • Volunteers can update their own information
  • Hours / event rostering & attendance tracking
  • Email notifications & reminders
  • In-depth reporting
  • Management of contact details

Event allocations

  • Volunteers can express interest in attending upcoming events
  • Volunteers can be assigned various roster times
  • Teams & positions can be used to distinguish each person’s role at an event
  • Volunteer logins & in-depth permissions
    • Each person added to the system can be allocated login details and permissions, allowing you to specify which area of the system staff are allowed to access and modify
    • Multi-groups allows you to differentiate departments, offices, clients etc from your staff and events, as well as allowing event and staff sharing between groups
  • Document storage & management
  • Qualification & certification management
    • Expiry reminders & notifications
  • Email & SMS messaging capabilities within the system both for individuals as well as entire groups of volunteers