Hours tracking


How do you keep track of the hours your staff and volunteers spend at events, meetings or conferences? The answer is simple. Our events management software allows you to assign staff to the events roster, automatically adding up the hours your staff have worked at an event. Information will be allocated to staff’s individual records, giving you an overview of your staff’s hours.

The system provides reports and graphs, allowing you to compare hours on a monthly or yearly basis. Updating information is as easy as editing hours in a person’s record and the information will be re-calculated instantly. The system doesn’t only cater for hours worked at an event, but also for hours spent on administrative tasks. In addition, there is an option to let your staff view their own hours by allocating them with an individual log-in.

  • Exportable hours to a variety of formats
  • Conversion of hours into exportable timesheets into MYOB and other accounting packages
  • Week-to-week, monthly, and quarterly breakdowns of hours
  • Report on variations between scheduled and actual hours worked