Our story

Our founder Victor Macko started VT Events 17 years ago when he was working as an events operations manager in Melbourne. He was managing multiple events every week and looking after 50 volunteers with nothing more than a phone and pager. Trying to manage staff availabilities, skills and strengths, and coordinating teams at events was a challenging task in itself let alone making sure everyone was informed of their rosters, changes and cancellations. It was also hard to account for the needs of other managers, staff and volunteers who all had their own reporting needs. Victor was convinced there had to be a better way, and so, VTEvents was born.

A workforce management solution was created based on real life experience, and built by people who understand the events business and the unique staffing and volunteer challenges it faces. We decided to build the software with a particular focus on self service to allow volunteers and staff to access the information they need and perform the actions required to do their job more efficiently. These features include updating availabilities, expressing interest for unfilled shifts, checking upcoming rosters and submitting timesheets. This software was truly revolutionary and reduced the amount of manual work that was previously done over the the phone, saving time for staff and managers and reducing operations costs for events.

From humble beginnings, VTEvents has helped to manage over 135,000 events for clients such as the Australian Red Cross. We specialise in the medical, security and volunteer space however our software is flexible and suitable for a number of different industries. Our passionate local team works out of Melbourne coworking space Inspire9 and continues to find new ways of providing innovative workforce management solutions. Learn more about our features or sign up for a free trial.