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VTEvents is a versatile workforce management solution that is suitable for a variety of industries. If you need help managing staffing at your events, we’ve got you covered. Our software is used widely by medical events staff, security events staff and for volunteer management across Australia. We work with clients of all sizes, from large multi nationals with highly complex event staffing needs, such as the Australian Red Cross, to small local businesses managing one event a year. We consider our clients our partners, and we work together to ensure our software is making their events as seamless and as profitable as possible. Here’s who we work with…

“I’m glad I decided to work with VTevents. Your software has made our business even more successful. The site is always up to date and you manage requests for change with ease. I never have any problems at all. It’s almost like having another member of our rostering and planning team right here with me. I just choose the staff member or event, make the entry or change and click save. It’s so simple. Thanks, VTEvents!”

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