We realise managing your staff & events can be challenging, so we have tried to make invoicing clients and paying your staff as easy as possible.

Supported Accounting Packages

  • Xero
    Customers & Invoicing
    Employees, Timesheets & Reimbursements. Click for more details

  • MYOB
    Customers & Invoicing

    Customers & Invoicing

We’re continually improving our systems, and are happy to look into any other accounting systems we don’t already support for our customers.

Integration offers you the option to:

  • Create invoices with the click of a button or automatically as each event is completed
  • Automatically upload new customers & contact details as invoices are generated
  • Process payroll (timesheets, allowances, reimbursments , etc) quickly and seamlessly at the end of each pay run
  • Send employee information automatically
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