Stress & Event planning

Rostering and event management can be an incredibly stressful time, particularly when you’ve a large workforce to manage and a multitude of things to consider. One thing i’ve found which helps reduce the stress of everything is to plan ahead, in the same way you would get school work done well in advance of deadlines & due-dates.

This starts with a few simple things which can in-turn make all the difference when getting staff who might have other jobs and commitments to consider too.

  1. Pass on events & jobs to your staff which you need filled well ahead of time — if possible, do this months in advance.
    This allows them time to make space in their calendar for the event, and means they can take time off other jobs if needed (or at least plan around other commitments)
  2. Start rostering people in advance, or at least get some expressions of interest coming in, so closer to the event you’ve got a few names already that you can put down.
    Rostering people in advance (and telling them they’re rostered) also means that you have people scheduled in, and they also have it in their calendar rather than making other plans.
  3. Where possible, take a transparent approach to rostering — this involves your other staff, and this gives them the opportunity to see that you still need people, or is almost full (meaning they need to let you know if they’re able to attend, otherwise they’ll miss out!)
  4. Pass on updates and event info early — this avoids any awkward situations where people didn’t get a chance to look over the details because they only got it the day before, and sort out any unforeseen issues before they become a problem on the day.
  5. Call people when you need more staff and develop a personal rapport with them — this makes it much easier to gauge who’s available, who’s not (and more importantly, why … sometimes it’s the simplest of things which makes someone hesitate about getting back to you about a job you’re desperately trying to staff!)

Whilst these might not be suitable for all occasions & situations, hopefully doing at least some of these things means that everything will go much more smoothly in the lead-up to your event and give you space to breath!

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