VTEvents – What we do well

Our event staffing platform is focused on volunteer and labour-hire businesses which have the challenge of managing staff across numerous events – possibly doing different things in different places each and every day.

We heavily invest in automation and keeping things simple, with the concept that we should make your life easy – not the other way around. To this end, we take care of as much of the leg-work as we can — from staff recruitment, to sending staff reminders about skills & qualifications which need to be renewed, through to asking your clients to rate your service after an event.

VTEvents Other Services

  • Self-service facilities for your staff & volunteers
  • Recruitment area – applicants apply on the system, creating a central place for recruitment information, notes and other related information
  • Reimbursements, allowances, time-sheets & payroll capabilities
  • Hours tracking & reporting
  • Client portal for major clients – allows clients to create & review their bookings
  • Mobile & tablet friendly – manage your events from anywhere right from your phone
  • Tracking & auditing changes

Why Choose Us

  • Volunteer & event-management best practices
  • Automated communication & proactive staffing solutions
  • We offer customised solutions to suit your needs
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Self-service facilities for your staff & volunteers

Our system is a comprehensive package which encompasses a number of other areas to support your business, not only now, but as you grow, and many years into the future.