Recent updates to the VTEvents events management software package has seen a number of improvements – a few of these have been detailed below and are available for you to utilise.

Shortcut keys were added, allowing you to use the system more efficiently and with less mouse-clicks. More information.

A floating search bar was added, making searching for information easier, no matter what you are working on in the system. This can also be accessed by using the shortcut key ‘s’ at any time whilst working in the system.

Improvements for sending SMS messages were implemented allowing hundreds of SMS (or more) to be sent at once. The system also now handles multi part messages better (where more than 160 characters are entered in a single message).

Feedback and Report Issue links have been added into the footer of all pages to allow suggestions and issues to be more easily reported and followed up. Of course you’re still welcome to email anything through, which will also be added to our job tracking system.

A recruitment module has been developed to allow you to receive staff and volunteer applications via your website directly into VTEvents. Contact us for more details.

More information about recent changes is available on the help system via the button below.


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