Recent updates to the VTEvents software package has seen a number of improvements – a few of these have been detailed below and are available for you to utilise. Volunteer and staff roster notes for events were recently added, which allow you to add roster notes that will appear on every event a person attends. This saves you from having to reference staff information each time someone is rostered, as it’s automatically shown next to their name. Roster notes for events & individuals are only shown for those people with ‘View all’ permissions for the event.Staff/Volunteers can withdraw themselves from events if they are no longer able to attend, as well as entering a reason if applicable. You can enable/disable it at any time across groups and specific events as required. This saves any phone calls you can do without, particularly for those events from which you don’t really need to manually remove people from the roster, such as team meetings or other events.
Document folders can now be setup – these let you specify the folder in which a document should be placed on the system, rather than having a list of documents without any structure. Whist this might be overkill for events or clients with only one or two documents, it’s particularly useful in instances where you might have 10-20 or more uploaded. Folders can also be used on the home-page dashboard where there might typically be anything from company policies to recent newsletters and more saved.Employee/Staff information in Xero will now be updated each time timesheets are sent to Xero – this ensures your accounting package is up-to-date for each pay-run. You won’t need to do anything extra – just sit back and we’ll take care of everything for you!More information on recent changes is available on the help system
As always, please let me know if there is anything you would like added or changed in the system – we’d love to help!