We’ve had a busy few months over and made a number of improvements – a few of these have been detailed below and are available for you to utilise.
  • Maintenance renewal dates for resources, vehicles, etc can now be entered which reminds the contact person as each of your resources is due for renewal — eg. vehicles need to be serviced, equipment needs to be tested & calibrated, batteries replaced and so-on. More information.
  • Messaging has had a few additions, giving you access to easily message anyone without a skill/qualification, or with an expired skill/qual. This can be done within the list of qualifications, or when viewing a particular skill or qualification (from the tools menu at the top right of the page). More information.
  • The existing adviser has been expanded to include stats on your events, as well as areas which can be improved, depending on how you use the system. This includes how many upcoming & previous events you’ve entered, hours rostered, cancellations, client-feedback and more.
    This can be accessed via the ‘Events’ list, in the tools menu at the top-right of the page. More information.
  • SMS reminders have had some additional work, giving you more control over what is sent and what isn’t, as well as the option to disallow staff & volunteers from turning off event reminders & notifications (particularly those which might otherwise miss roster & event changes)
  • Post-event report details can be customised just that little bit more as well, giving you access to include or remove certain fields and information from the post-event report. You can also include additional fields, such as the number of information requests you received, or other stats which might be useful to pass onto your clients.
    These changes can be made via the ‘Configuration’ page (in the ‘Post event details’ section)
  • A resource maintenance report has been added, giving you summaries of when each of your assets / vehicles / radios / medical equipment / etc needs to be serviced. As ‘next service’ dates are entered to each of your resources, your ‘contact person’ for each of the resources will have an action item pop-up in their dashboard approx. one week prior to the resource needing to be serviced.
Numerous other smaller fixes, changes and additions have also been done to keep everything running smoothly.

A full list of the changes which have been made are available via the ‘What’s new’ link at the bottom of the pages within the system, as well as in our what’s new page. As always, please let me know if there is anything you would like added or changed in the system – we’d love to help!

Kind regards,