We’ve made quite a few changes to the VTEvents events workforce management system which we’re sure you’ll love.

Mobile friendly changes. Some updates behind the scenes now let you use the system on mobile devices much more easily, including viewing upcoming events and bookings, confirming the hours you work, adding expenses you need reimbursed and more. From an administration point of view, it also now lets you quickly access client details and phone numbers, emergency contact details for your staff, and upload documents, maps and other files to your events from anywhere with ease.We’re continuing to improve this area so watch out for further updates in the events reporting, staff availabilities and staff rostering areas shortly.

Our online recruitment area has also been improved significantly with facilities for your new applicants and event volunteers to add their skills and qualifications, availabilities for upcoming shifts as well as references for previous jobs and work experience.
This should significantly reduce the workload your recruitment staff have in receiving and later entering information about applicants’ skills and qualifications, as well as providing a centralised area for references and other applicant information to be entered and stored. More info.

All you need to do is include a link on your website to the recruitment area and we’ll handle the rest!

The client portal now includes options for your clients to enter how many staff they would like to book for their events, as well as the capabilities to display the roster to your clients for their events if you wish. This area is great for repeat customers to make bookings directly on the system, confirm details and view post event statistics. More info.

We’ve also upgraded the messaging facilities for SMS and emails with formatting capabilities (bolding, italics, etc) as well as better tracking of emails and SMS so you know when they’re received or if there has been a problem along the way.

Invoices for event bookings can now be raised for any overtime worked or change in event fees.

We’ve also added the option to automatically send of invoices to your clients when Xero is used. As invoices are generated, they’re then emailed to your clients, saving you the extra steps in doing this manually in your accounting package for each of the bookings you’ve had. More info.

These are just some of the changes which we’ve been implementing to help save you time and money in running your business and events as efficiently and effectively as possible. The system has already been updated so there’s nothing you need to do before you can start making use of these changes. Some are required to be turned on (or off) and this can be done via the ‘configuration’ page.

More information on recent changes is available on the what’s new page.
As always, please let us know if there is anything you would like added or changed in the system, we’d love to help!