Just a quick note to let you know about a some recent updates to our events workforce management software.
  • Draft / published rosters . You can now set the events staff and volunteer roster as a ‘work in progress’ (draft) roster, which lets you make any number of changes to rosters and then mark it as ‘published’ when you’re ready to notify your team of the changes you’ve made
    When you mark the events staff roster as ‘published’, it’ll send out the latest changes to anyone who has not yet received those changes (taking into account any preferences to receive roster changed emails)
  • Rostering larger events with multiple areas/posts has been revamped, with posts now listed on the roster screen, along with a drag-and-drop approach to assigning people to different posts & areas at an event.
  • Comments can now be added to resource allocations to events, for instance where to pickup a vehicle or booking information for equipment being hired for an event.
  • Multi-day events. We’ve now included a few extra shortcuts which makes it much faster to create shifts for each of the days your event runs over. This saves you having to duplicate the event details for each of the days your event is run over.
    You can also create shifts quickly by clicking on the icon next to the date and times of your multi-day event;

  • The events staff recruitment area has now also had a number of improvements, allowing your future events staff members to add in an ID photo (configurable in the settings area) and some more information about themselves. More information.
As always, please let us know if there is anything you would like added or changed in the system. We would love to help!