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Changes to menus & toolbars, client portal, skills required & equipment

We've been working hard and have put together several improvements to the VTEvents software package - a few of these have been detailed below and are available for you to utilise. Menu/toolbar for managing events, people and resources - this gives quick access to tools to view and manage information more efficiently, and will soon

Availabilities, mapping, tagging & labeling, messaging & mobile

Since our last email newsletter in April, there's been a number of software releases aimed at further expanding the capabilities of the system, as well as fixing and improving a few other areas. A few of these have been detailed below and are available for you to utilise.Availabilities can now be searched by a persons location

Mobile & tablets, recruitment & client facilities

We've made quite a few changes to the VTEvents management system which i'm sure you'll love ... we've included a few of the bigger ones below; Mobile friendly changes - some updates behind the scenes now let you use the system on mobile devices much more easily, including viewing upcoming events & bookings, confirming the hours you work,

A change is in the air

Over the past months a number of additions have been made to the system, giving you more capabilities in a range of areas, both for managers & admins, as well as end-users and what they can get from the system. Event Templates can now be setup with sub-events also setup in a structured manner. This

Software updates – making your day easier

There's been quite a bit happening since the last news post, including a number of software updates over the time. Resources can be assigned to events by scanning barcodes or entering their respective asset numbers. This is especially helpful in warehousing situations where resources are picked up and assigned to events, particularly smaller items such as

Recent additions & improvements

Over the previous few months quite a bit has been happening to make your life easier and to allow you to get on with your day. Duplicating existing events has become easier, allowing you to pick out the next few (or 20-30) dates the same event is scheduled for. Previously scheduled events can be quickly re-booked in


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