Here you can find helpful advice on event planning and management, tips on how to manage your events staff and volunteers, learn how to get the most out of your events workforce management solution and also find out about the latest updates here at VTEvents.

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Empowering your staff & volunteers

We've all been there before. You're organising an event or two, you're already stressed with things to be organised, calls to make, staff to recruit. Having three more people phone in to check if they're working on the weekend, or to find out if there's any work for the weekend can then be the tipping

Bookings from your website & recurring events

We've been working hard over the last few months to make some great additions and updates to the system so you can work faster, smarter and with more of the right information at your fingertips. Of these, the following are notable; Event bookings bookings area for new clients to use (similar to the existing recruitment

Stress & Event planning

Rostering and event management can be an incredibly stressful time, particularly when you've a large workforce to manage and a multitude of things to consider. One thing i've found which helps reduce the stress of everything is to plan ahead, in the same way you would get school work done well in advance of deadlines &

Draft rosters, multi-day events & recruitment

Just a quick note to let you know about a some recent updates to our events workforce management software. Draft / published rosters . You can now set the events staff and volunteer roster as a 'work in progress' (draft) roster, which lets you make any number of changes to rosters and then mark it

Staff required, sign in/out, travel hours & meal breaks

Recent updates to the VTEvents software package has seen a number of improvements - a few of these have been detailed below and are available for you to utilise. A sign-in/out facility is now available for use by team leaders at larger events. This can be used with barcode scanners and other devices to quickly


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