We’ve been working hard over the last few months to make some great additions and updates to the system so you can work faster, smarter and with more of the right information at your fingertips.

Of these, the following are notable;

  • Event bookings bookings area for new clients to use (similar to the existing recruitment area)
    This can be included as a link from your website where prospective clients can complete their details, the event information, and pass on any documents, maps and files for the event.
    This information is in-turn stored in the system and passed onto you in the form of an email notification (in the same way you’re notified when an event is entered via the client portal).
  • Recurring event facilities – these allow events and jobs you’ve entered to automatically be re-created however often you’d like in the future. These could be regular events you would normally schedule every day, or every week, or could even be the once-a-month team meetings or other work you’d like to ‘set & forget’.

There are quite a few other additions and changes, some of which are listed below;

  • SMS self-serve top-up facility – adding additional SMS credits can be done anytime you run out or would like to try out some of the SMS facilities which are available in the system to use
  • Additional HR facilities, probationary periods, professional review dates
  • Additional HR reporting
  • Sending messages to people with (or without) selected qualifications – these can be entered as recipients and sent messages in the same way other people, groups, clients, etc are sent messages
  • Client contacts – sending passwords via email
  • Minor visual changes to recruitment forms
  • Ability to add event stats as the event progresses (eg. each hour), with reporting on progress by post/location at the event – this means your staff and volunteers can update you on the latest amount of people they’re assisting in the field over the duration of the event. Post-event reports still need to be completed to receive the final figures for your event.
  • Added event resources required facility which allows you to add in which types of resources are required for an upcoming event and how many of each were needed.
  • Minor visual changes to notices on the dashboard
  • Skills & qualifications – a few tools to use selected quals when finding people available have been added
  • Minor changes to criteria used when people are able to withdraw themselves (staff and volunteers can no-longer withdraw themselves at very short notice prior to an event)
  • To-do list – added notification when people are rostered to events and still need quals for the position they’re rostered to
  • To-do list – added ‘information required’ item when basic information such as contact details, address, and ID photo are missing
  • Reporting on client-portal access to see when the last time your clients accessed the client portal
  • To-do list – added item for managers when there are understaffed events coming up in the next week
  • People details – added ability to link someone to a client (eg. as a contractor)
  • To-do list – add note if SMS credits are running low for managers and admins
  • SMS messages to remind people to sign in or out of an event can now be replied to actually sign in or out the person from their shift (if you don’t require GPS information to be sent)
  • SMS alerts (to managers and admins) when crews haven’t signed in or out by their scheduled start/completion times. Managers and admins can reply to these to sign in or sign out people (eg. if they’ve spoken to the crew and know they’ve arrived onsite or have left).
  • Permission profiles can be setup to simplify assigning and managing permissions for staff and volunteers. These also contain additional controls on what financial information is shown to those people the profiles are assigned to.

A full list of the changes which have been made are available via the ‘What’s new’ link at the bottom of the pages within the system, as well as in our what’s new page. As always, please let me know if there is anything you would like added or changed in the system – we’d love to help!

Kind regards,