Over the past few months a number of change have been released to help you access information quickly, and in an organised fashion.

Events which are are made up of multiple shifts/locations/etc can be viewed in an overall ‘structured’ manner directly from the ‘Upcoming events’ list. This gives your staff and volunteers the ability to quickly find related shifts and information they need.

The ‘Upcoming events‘ list can also be filtered to exclude individual shifts, instead showing only the overall ‘event’ as one entry. The ‘overall’ event can then be viewed with shifts and related information available.

The area the number of staff is required for events has been clarified, making it easier to indicate which staff are required for certain positions, and overall if any other staff are also needed for the event.

Driving licence information has been included as additional ‘skills & qualifications‘, meaning reminders for expiring qualifications can also be setup. Your volunteers & staff will still also be able to enter their own licence information if this has been enabled within the ‘Site Configuration’ area.

More information about recent changes is available on the help system via the button below.

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