There’s been quite a bit happening since the last news post, including a number of software updates over the time.

Resources can be assigned to events by scanning barcodes or entering their respective asset numbers. This is especially helpful in warehousing situations where resources are picked up and assigned to events, particularly smaller items such as radio communications equipment, consumables & printed material, computer equipment and so-forth which might not be allocated ahead of time already.

Event expenses and post-event report documents can now be uploaded from mobile devices, allowing your staff & volunteers to submit expenses as they’re incurred at events or other locations in the field. This allows your staff & volunteers to be as productive with their time as possible during quiet periods and minimising additional time required submitting such information after events have completed.

Event sign-on & sign-off times & meeting point can now be entered, letting your staff & volunteers when they should meet prior to the shift starting, and likewise when a debriefing is scheduled following the event. This has typically been used for meeting at a depot or other central location prior to going to the event.

A new password can be generated when someone is entered into the system, reducing the time required to setup new volunteers to use the system

When sending messages, formatting can now be applied to the message, such as bolding, underlining, changing font colours and so-on.

Message recipients (email or SMS) can be entered by email address, in addition to quite a number of other ways (eg. everyone in a group/by a certain position/type/attending a particular event/etc). More information can be found here on recipients –

More information about recent changes is available on the help system via the button below.

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