Over the previous few months quite a bit has been happening to make your life easier and to allow you to get on with your day.

Duplicating existing events has become easier, allowing you to pick out the next few (or 20-30) dates the same event is scheduled for. Previously scheduled events can be quickly rebooked in the same way, either by yourself or your clients via the client portal.

Administration hours can now more easily be removed if any mistakes are made, ensuring information is both as accurate as possible, whilst also being easy to enter as admin hours are worked.

The modification log now also includes more changes to event details, helping you track which changes were made when and by who.

Event resources can now be shared with any sub groups, such as all areas within a state or particular city. Information on shared resources is also available to anyone within those groups, such as manuals on how to use certain equipment, or a list of items within first-aid-kits.

A number of different event fee calculations can now be specified, based on how you your business operates and your fee structures. This can be different group by group, e.g. one part of your business can bill only on rostered hours, with another part charging extra for any overtime worked.

Staff and volunteers are now able to be set up and sent their account details more easily, particularly helpful if you have an influx of new events volunteers or staff, and when you’re starting out for the first time.

Availabilities now take into account other scheduling information and existing rostered shifts to keep you as informed as possible as to who’s available for any last minute bookings or rescheduled shifts.

More information about recent changes is available on the help system via the button below.

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