Over the past months a number of additions have been made to the system, giving you more capabilities in a range of areas, both for managers & admins, as well as end-users and what they can get from the system.

Event Templates can now be setup with sub-events also setup in a structured manner. This is designed to allow comprehensive events to be setup with shifts for times and locations already also setup at the same time. These ‘shifts’ can be for each day an event is run over, or the the entire duration of the event (in the instance that a multi-day event is setup, such as a 10-day event). In these situations, multiple shifts can be setup for each day across the entire event all automatically when the original 10-day event is added.

Staff & Volunteer availabilities can now be filtered, only showing those with certain skills & qualifications, living in particular areas or within particular age-ranges. This gives you the capabilities to review staff available for where particular skill-sets, etc are required at any time.

Your staff and volunteers can now enter any languages they are proficient in ‘My details & preferences’ page (provided you’ve allowed languages to be entered within the ‘Site Configuration). This allows for later reporting as needed, such as times where you might need staff with particular languages for upcoming festivals and other event bookings.

Event Templates can be shared with other groups – this both saves time in having to re-enter templates for each group which would like to use them, but also means templates can be updated and maintained from a central location as details for future events change.

Roles your staff and volunteers can hold are now able to be shared with sub-groups, meaning they can be entered once across your organisation and then shared, rather than each area within your company having to re-create them.

Your roster notifications can now be customised, giving you the opportunity to add any specific information as needed for your staff and volunteers at events. A range of information, from event times and location, through to maps and team leader information can be added. More information can be found here – http://docs.vtevents.com.au/display/VTE/Notification+Templates

More information about recent changes is available on the help system via the button below.

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