Recently we have made a number of improvements to our events workforce management software to make the work you and your events staff and volunteers do as efficient as possible.

Your clients can now be charged a fee for resources assigned. These will be shown in invoices raised for events and be included in event finance reporting. This could be for anything from specialist vehicles through to consumables or stock assigned to an event.

Minor improvements were made to events document uploading and management facilities. These include a number of minor bug fixes, allowing multiple documents to be uploaded at once and easily notifying people about documents uploaded to events they’re rostered to.

Site wide search has also been improved now allowing users to search for resources by barcodes and asset numbers. Also improved is searching for people based on different name formats, e.g. last-name, first-name.

When your events staff and volunteers express interest to attend events, they can now also indicate a particular roles or positions they’d like to work as, in addition to any general comments which are included.

More information about recent changes is available on the help system via the button below.

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